Diesel Particulate Filters

Diesel Particulate Filter
Diesel Particulate Filter

Diesel particulate filters; collects soot particles from the engine’s exhaust and prevents them from reaching the environment. Unlike a catalytic converter designed to reduce the gas phase emissions flowing through the catalyst, the particle filter is produced to capture and retain solid particles until they oxidize or burn in Dpf by a process called regeneration of particles.

Diesel Particulate Filters

Commonly used diesel particulate filters are cellular ceramic honeycomb filters with channels attached to alternative ends. The end portions of the filter are porous filter walls mounted in a checkerboard pattern that allow soot-containing exhaust to flow through.

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What is a particulate filter?

Particulate filters are included in the exhaust systems of new generation diesel vehicles. The purpose of use of the particle filter is to cause less harm to the environment and human health. It is the first area where gases exiting from the engine’s exhaust manifold pass.

It is possible to explain DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) as a system developed with the aim of adapting diesel vehicles to Euro 5 exhaust emission standards. Dpf (Diesel Particulate Filter); It is a system that collects particles, ie soot, coming out of the exhaust of diesel cars and eliminates them under high temperatures.

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